My (kind of fake kind of real) name is Yarrow and I am currently attempting to recover from anorexia. I started this blog because I’ve suddenly got a lot of time on my hands in order to ‘recover’ and I realised from reading lots of other recovery blogs that I have quite a lot of Thoughts about eating disorders, about disability and about, well, everything really.

This is mostly here for me to practice and enjoy crafting those opinions into written form. I’m not expecting a particularly wide readership but happy to know if you have read along and want to discuss anything I’ve said. I’m aiming for weekly posts covering various topics and themes and some commentary on where I’m at with recovery. It’s likely that I’ll discuss specifics of my ED but I’ll try to avoid numbers and other majorly triggering content (I will also do warnings for common triggers). That said, if you’re also not fully recovered I would advise caution and taking care of yourself.

I am politically aligned with anarchism, communism and the autonomist tradition. My analysis is likely to come from a Marxist and materialist perspective. But also just some personal experiences that might be helpful to others in understanding the complexity of recovery and disability and lots of other topics.